Coach. Advisor. Author. Speaker.

Hi, I’m Liz.

From history major (who dabbled in Medieval Studies and chemical engineering) to nonprofit finance leader to Big 4 tax partner to head of product and strategy for a tech startup, nothing about my 20+ year career has been linear.

I’m passionate about technology and social entrepreneurship. I advise and coach executives and Boards of companies ranging from startups to publicly traded multinationals in various industry sectors. I’m interested in fostering environments where human beings can thrive and flourish.

I hold a BA from Rice University, an MBA from the University of St. Thomas (Houston), and a PhD in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I’m also a Certified Professional Coach (ICF ACC).

I live with both major depressive disorder (MDD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Beginning in January 2020, I took a year-long leave of absence from PwC to work on my mental wellness. I am open about my journey and have written extensively about my experience on my blog. I am a frequent author and speaker on mental wellness and mental health, especially at work.

Click the button below if you’re interested in exploring working with me in a coaching or business advisory capacity, or just want to say hello and follow me on social media. I look forward to connecting with you.